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Great Lakes Plastic Company Manufacturing Facility

Precision Machining & Quality Control

Great Lakes Plastic Co, Plastic Manufacture

At Great Lakes Plastic, we have combined state-of-the-art computer technology with a highly skilled staff of machinists. The result borders on perfection. With turning and milling tolerances to + .0005 inch, the components manufactured by Great Lakes Plastic meet or exceed the most stringent specifications.

Our quality control procedures assure you that our work is accurate and complies with your drawings. The only surprise you'll have...is the satisfaction of seeing your design produced as it was originally envisioned, flawlessly.


Great Lakes Plastic prides itself on strict quality control procedures. Our quality control department follows rigid guidelines for part and tool monitoring to ensure that manufactured parts are produced with unsurpassed quality. These procedures have enabled Great Lakes Plastic to become a preferred parts supplier to a multitude of companies following the strictest of military and government quality standards..

Uncompromised Quality

Great Lakes Plastic Co, Plastic Manufacture

From display units and control panels, to bulk food containers and storage bins, your creativity is the only limitation for our well-equipped manufacturing departments.

Whether you simply need a prototype of your design, or a full production run, Great Lakes Plastic is ready to perform. Our high standards guarantee consistency and attention to detail.

Great Lakes Plastic's designers and machinists are the best in the industry, having produced a myriad of award winning displays and products.

Bulk Food Containers

Plastic Manufacture

As experts in the plastics industry, we're fully qualified to assist you in selection of the proper materials for your applications.

The precision machining at Great Lakes Plastic enables our professionals to manufacture products that are built to last.

Our well-staffed manufacturing departments ensure quick turnaround on even the most complex prototype projects, as well as high volume production runs. Great Lakes Plastic, the consistent leader in high quality plastic manufacturing.

At The Forefront

Plastic Manufacture

At Great Lakes Plastic, we have invested over 40 years and extensive resources to continually upgrade our machining facilities.

Staying at the forefront of technology, we're able to offer the finest products and services available anywhere.

Our extensive equipment list speaks for itself...listen.

Wadkin Bursgreen-26"